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Digital Decluttering: Passwords

One of my ongoing projects is to make sure that all of the accounts I use are as secure as they possibly can be. I'm going to echo the sentiments of a digital decluttering post from my other blog to share my experience of the process of hardening account security. I am not a fan of clutter anywhere, which I have expressed pretty much everywhere. I'm an unapologetic, unabashed minimalist, and that extends into my online presence. For me, it's helped the most to treat online accounts the same way I treat physical objects--if I don't want or need something, I get rid of it; if I don't want something but need it, I store it somewhere safe. Without further ado, let's jump in to my process: Set up a second password manager ... assuming you have one already. In my case, I started with Google's password manager and wanted to switch to Bitwarden . You'll only have two password vaults until you finish cleaning up the original one. Some things get worse before the