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Neither Imap nor Yourmap: Yeet Legacy Authentication!

Every so often, the prevailing forces in the IT industry collectively decide that a protocol must be deprecated. The Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP) appears to be one of the latest victims of this phenomenon. This has caused some inconveniences, but I'm okay with the reasoning behind this: an increased emphasis on security and requiring of multi-factor authentication. Of the tech giants I've seen addressing this, it seems Microsoft hates IMAP more than Google. I use a library that reads my Gmail messages through IMAP, and Google's way of handling the inherent flaws in the protocol is to set up different credentials to access Gmail via IMAP . From a security standpoint, this seems like a half-measure, but it's better than nothing. Microsoft is strongly recommending that Exchange administrators disable IMAP and POP3 (seriously, why is anyone still using POP3?) and making sure two-factor authentication is on for all of tenant accounts, whether they're shared