About Us

We're an IT super team in Nowheresville, Minnesota, and our adventures are fueled by coffee and tacos. Together as sysadmin (Monica) and CIO (Justin), we've taken on the task of absolving our tiny hospital of years of technical debt and closing (or at least tightening) security gaps... and living to tell the tales.

We're both open source fanatics with a strong DIY ethos--you'll be seeing a lot of posts about *nix systems, free and open-source software, and user-serviceable hardware. And of course, there will be a lot of posts about how we handle information security as such a small team--we didn't pick the name INFOSECC (pronounced infosec-c) just for shiggles.

Monica's background is in hardware maintenance and software testing and support, keeping machines and their services running smoothly (and securely) for as long as possible with minimal hassle. In addition to healthcare tech, she has history in higher-ed tech as end-user support and computer technician, and manufacturing tech doing everything from cable runs to bug testing to scripting/automation and systems administration. Consumed by IT even outside of work, she advocates for online privacy, right to repair, and internet service as a robust public utility.

Justin started his career in the consulting realm, primarily developing SQL reports and performing database wrangling for government agencies. He moved into a developer position for a couple years before returning to his hometown to work in systems administration. In addition to being immersed in healthcare IT, Justin produces corn and soybeans on his fifth-generation family farm, leveraging technology to run the financial and operational aspects of the business.