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Quick & Dirty Domain Controller Migration

It's the year 2023 now and it astounds me to know that there are still businesses running Active Directory and other domain services on Server 2003 and Server 2008 boxes. Migration of domain controller roles from old servers to new isn't as difficult as you might think. Honestly the hardest part is probably figuring out Microsoft licensing for Server 2019/2022. Over the last few years since upgrading our own domain controllers, I've helped others with the simple setup steps below.  Also, I'm assuming that anyone reading this is not a complete dunce when it comes to Windows Server and Active Directory because there's a lot of stuff around AD that I'm not taking time to spell out. (You can probably get away with being about a 75% dunce ;) just not a complete one.) QDDCM - Quick & Dirty DC Migration  (For On-Prem Active Directory Domain Services on Server 2019/2022 with GUI) I'm going to just dive right in here with out much preamble. Following this guide w