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Safely and Securely Back Up Your Virtual Machines on Someone Else's Computer

In healthcare, it's critical that IT professionals have a solid backup game. The workflow at job.current has undergone several iterations of backup strategies, and our offsite backup plan has never been as cohesive as I'd like it to be. Our infrastructure has undergone many changes over the last two years, and upon realizing that our offsite backup strategy had gaps, I escalated the priority of closing those gaps to SEV1. Prior to Windows 7's demise, we were running several Citrix XenServers which served up a Win 7 VDI grid as well as infrastructure servers (LDAP, Print Servers, File Servers, app servers), and one legacy VMWare ESXi server (more of the same minus the VDIs). Each of our servers were running on identical 2u SuperMicro whitebox servers with 24 cores of Intel Xeon CPU power, 192GB of memory, and a RAID-6 array of 2tb spinners. As we phased out our VDI infrastructure, we were looking to also move away from XenServer completely, as Citrix had unfavorably changed