To Yeet is 1337, and We Recycle More than Old Jokes

I think I'm up to three times mentioning that I'm a minimalist now. Constantly assessing my need for all sorts of items has naturally spilled from my own house into my office... and Justin's office... and the server room... and the IT storage closets... and and and. I tackle clutter at home and at work, and I'd argue that it's especially necessary at work. Having a clean, clutter-free workspace makes life at work easier... and it allows for old materials to become new through e-waste recycling.

Chucking all the old hardware (old as in it hasn't been in service since dinosaurs roamed the earth) into a giant pallet box is the easy part. Disposing of electronic waste like you would do with regular trash is generally ill-advised, if it isn't outright illegal where you live. What do you do next? Well, if you're a responsible denizen of the planet, you'll want to recycle as much of the old equipment as possible. If you've got a full pallet box of e-waste to deal with, it's time to look up and call a dedicated e-waste recycling company.

recycling symbol with computer memory modules
(background image by @lazycreekimages)

What do e-waste recycling companies do? First and foremost, they keep recyclable materials in electronics out of landfills. It's unfortunate, but the EPA reports that about 75% of dead or unwanted electronics usually make their way to a landfill where none of their recyclable components can be recovered. Second, some e-waste recycling companies won't send recyclable items overseas. Instead, they break down electronics right here at home instead of burdening other countries with our discarded junk. Third, e-waste recycling allows for materials to be reused, reducing the need to mine for new metals and other elements needed to make new electronics. 

Not every state has laws specific to e-waste disposal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't find a way to dispose of e-waste responsibly. Justin and I use a local-ish company that can't send anything overseas, nor can they send things to landfills. It's a small effort that pays off in a big way by putting materials back into the supply chain for new equipment manufacturing. If you can't find an e-waste recycling company in your state, Dell has all sorts of recycling options. Props to Dell for being environmentally responsible!

Honestly, I think responsibility is pretty damn 1337. Be cool, be nice to the planet, and recycle your e-waste properly!


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